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I Fucked Your Dad I Fucked Your Dad

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I love all your stuff!
& your first draft of this song has been one of the most played songs on my iPod for months! It never gets old! You have some real talent sweet heart, & it's refreshing to see it put to fun stuff. Not everything has to be serious. Please make more (:

oh & when your album is out I will definitely be buying it! (;

demented2005 responds:

Aha well thanks so much, i really appreciate it :)
On the album i have two joke songs, so i hope you enjoy the other :)

My Dream -- My Dream --

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So not a 2

I really really like this. People are stupid to rate you low. But ppl here are also pricks so I guess it's expected <3

I've been browsing through the library looking for a good song to use for a flash I'm working on. I want it to be like a kinda anime opening..but with my comic characters..

anyways, I don't think I can use this. But It's still REALLY good. I like it a lot ^^ I'm going to download it, if thats ok(?) so I can listen to it :)

great job man. Please keep up the good work!

demented2005 responds:

Aha, thanks so much!
I'm really glad you liked ittt :)