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Thanks! (ft commissions)

2015-06-11 16:45:33 by XxThumbsuckerxX

Well neat! thank you so much for the FP, Newgrounds. I've been coming on newgrounds since before 2009 & I've always loved contributing to the community. I've been given FP several times but it always makes me smile & I'm just glad that I can share my work and everyone can see it. I know that's all really silly & sappy but it's true. So thank you!!!!!! I'm a happy girl. 


with that being said I am Currently offering commissions!

All commissions are USD via paypal (spiken2d@aol.com) - prices may be subject to change within reason depdning on complexity of request. 





2897652_140037511063_sacrifice.pngI'm working hard (not really) but I'm really fucking lonely & maybe want a friend or something I don't know. Anyone please message me while I throw my life away with this art stuff. 


PS commissions r open. But dat don mean nuthin. 

Hey y'all, I'm working on a horror movie series to sell at a horror convention this year; I would love some movie suggestions; what films do you think would be most popular to illustrate (dating 1970s' +) - I'm also working on sexy demon/monster girls to sell as pinups. Just lemme know what you wanna see or something. I finished my 2nd year of this college stuff so I'm free until october. HMU xoxoxox



I'm not dead (yet)

2014-04-04 13:54:22 by XxThumbsuckerxX



I'm still around; sorry! 

I need to shape up

2014-01-26 18:00:27 by XxThumbsuckerxX



I need to start making more finished pieces blahh I'm so lazy. 

What colour should her skin be? - I can tell you right now, she's going to be wearing shiny latex black pants & a krokus t-shirt. 


2013-06-14 16:15:06 by XxThumbsuckerxX

I need to draw more interesting stuff. I'm in a school of fine arts & I'm tired of painting grapes! (no not really, you can learn a lot from painting a grape). But still...help me out, anything you guys wanna see me try to draw? I'm so stuck in my ruts.


2012-12-10 20:04:03 by XxThumbsuckerxX

What is this friend request thing & why do I keep getting requests ?


..holy fucking shit..
That is all.
Holy fucking shit.
Go see it.

Should I just do it?

2012-07-01 23:41:21 by XxThumbsuckerxX

Draw pr0ns?
I mean..I like porn.
I watch porn.
I eat porn.
But draw it?
I don't know..I'd like to do something disgustingly classy.

my stupid tumblr if anyone wants: http://pisstiss.tumblr.com/

Should I just do it?

Fuckin Shlacks Man

2012-06-19 19:40:53 by XxThumbsuckerxX

I don't know.
I had a meeting at a funeral home today; yay future career.
Shit is tough at home; bear (claw) with me.
I promise I'll draw coolsy stuff to post.
Because I really want to draw coolsy stuff.
How's everyone been?

I'm actually blond now (going back to pink)
But I figured I'd post an image of more than my face & chest.
NG history for Thumbsucker.
I'm on weight watchers. so.

Fuckin Shlacks Man